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Thread: My life is on the line...HELP

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    Default My life is on the line...HELP

    Hey Guys,

    In short, my fiance had me edit a video to be shown at her B/F shower this Saturday. The project is complete in Vegas but...

    I never created a DVD before and now she tells me this is what she needs~!


    1. Someone please send me a link for directions to render for DVD (i think its mpegII?)
    - I will then go buy Sony DVD architect and hope for best.


    2. My friend can use his DVD making software he just asked me for the AVI file of my project

    problem here is that I rendered in AVI and no video shows in my Window media player on play back.

    Does anyone know why im not getting a video when rendering to AVI? just audio

    Someone please save me


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    Option 2 is probably the best bet, given the lack of time (you don't want to be learning a new program when you're up against it)
    What settings are you using to render you AVI. Tell us project settings and render settings.

    It may also be useful to download (free) GSPot and run it against the avi you've created to tell us what codec Vegas has used to create this.

    What type of video was the source. Vegas sometimes has problems with VidX and XviD - or anything not really intended for editing although it's meant to be one of the most format agnostic editors there is.

    Just a thought - option 3.
    If you have a DVD writer, you've probably got some basic software for writing a Video DVD (Nero or Roxio or something similar). You could always create an MPEG2 file from Vegas and drop that into your DVD burning software.
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