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    Recently I completed a short PSA for a small film festival in my area about environmental marketing. I figured this would be an appropriate community forum to share the film with, so without any further ado:

    [ame=]YouTube - Marketing, the Environment and You[/ame]

    I welcome you to comment, criticize, ect.


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    Comment - great video, message communited with intellignce and humour using video well.

    Criticise - just a bit long - snappy best. The old film look was a bit hammy.

    Stars from me cos you clearly had an aim and put in the work to good effect - ed vids can come across as preachy and irritating - this didnt for me.

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    Your video is interesting as it makes the audience think about how easy it is for large companies and corporations to become 'green' now, without really changing too much of their work habits. I don't see any need for the old style piece at the start, you could just have left it out and got right into the subject.

    I liked the title sequence at the start, at least it was on screen long enough to read unlike the end where the names of those who took part just flew by. If someone is involved in the making of your video, at least keep their name on screen long enough so we can read it.

    The sound was a bit iffy in parts, the delivery came across as monotone, it needs more breaks in the delivery, more emphasis on certain words, let the video run for a few seconds so you can catch your breath, a mistake non professional voice over artists make. Otherwise, an interesting video.

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    Hmm, I totally agree with Mark.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Just another note.

    If your planning on grabbing a youtube audience your 15 second countdown and title is way too long. you have to basically jump straight into the meat of the sandwich, so many people will not wait 10 seconds for a video to start telling its story.

    If its not for a gain on youtube bin the above comment.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    I too second the comments that its bit long, short is good. But I enjoyed the vid which has a good msg, until those rules are in place consumers need to exercise a level of skepticism regarding eco-claims.

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    Next time you shoot dialogue, reduce the pauses between each line. It will sound more conversational.


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