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Thread: Convert MTS to AVI or MPG

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    Default Convert MTS to AVI or MPG

    Hi all

    Does anyone know if i can convert a MTS file (AVCHD) to a AVI or MPG without losing any quality?
    Not worried about the size or anything as they are only short clips (max 30 seconds) I have access to:

    Adobe Master Collection CS4
    Nero 8
    Pinnacle Studio ultimate
    Roxio Creator Ultimate 2009

    Have done it to AVI using Adobe i think it was but lost a fair amount of quality.

    Any advice appreciated


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    You can convert them no trouble with most programs, PS3 with the Main Concepts Plug in will do from what I remember when I tried it some months ago so can't see why Premiere CS4 would have any problems, you might get some slight loss with mpg even at double the bit rate of AVCHD but if you are not concerned about the file size I can't see any problems in converting. just better add this only applies if you are staying with the original resolution and not down converting.
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    Wink Convert MTS video


    yes you can convert mts video file to avi or other video format yo want, with the same quality of picture and sound. Not only this you can also customize video and audio quality of output video file.

    use mts converter for this.

    good day.

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    Hi Lucy,

    Before I delete this post as yet another item of spam (we get several new people advertising new software they've "found" daily) can you let us know whether you're affiliated to that website or not? We don't mind people advertising their own software as long as they're honest about it and use "pimp the link". Otherwise, we just delete them and ban the user.

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    Coversion will ALWAYS cause a hit to quality - this can be almost imperceptible or noticalbe - depending on many variables.

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    It's impossible to change the format without quality loss. All you can do is set the bit rate to a higher figure before conversion to get a better quality since you dont mind the file size.
    May be you can learn some from here--a m2ts artilce.
    M2TS Converter - convert M2TS files to AVI MPEG WMV MP4 FLV MOV MP3

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    Gee! That's quietly understated!

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    Coversion will ALWAYS cause a hit to quality
    It's impossible to change the format without quality loss.

    No, conversion can be done with no loss in quality, you just have to use a lossless codec.

    Huffyuv is a good free one. Huffyuv The resulting file sizes are large, but they are quick to work with, and you stated earlier that size isn't a problem, so it should suite your needs nicely.

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    WELL, thanks for sharing...

    i always use moyea video converter, which is great.

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    I followed the link to Huffyuv which seems to be what I need - a lossless converter. There is alot of shit there i dont understand.

    My first question would be is this an add on to my current windows codec converter ot is it a separate program?
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