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Thread: Widescreen Width Sony Vegas Pro 8

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    Question Widescreen Width Sony Vegas Pro 8

    I just have a quick question!
    When I am editing a video with movie clips (widescreen 16:9) I was wondering if there is a way to make it so when I pan or zoom the width of the widescreen does not change.
    For example,

    In this video the width of the widescreen bar does not change throughout, but when I edit clips it tends to make either the widescreen bar bigger or smaller depending on how much I zoom.
    Sorry if my description is a little confusing, lol.
    If anyone as any input it would be much appreciated! Thanks!

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    You want to Pan and Zoom? Then do it in camera acquisition. You want to do this in post in Vegas? Then in Pan Crop you can do this BUT only to the Frame available FROM the acquisition. If I have understood your enquiry correctly you DON'T have enough, then you WILL get what you are saying.

    Pan/Crop is a powerful tool and I use often for Stills and graphics. Using the same tool for Video, to do simulations of already optically acquired media, in Pan Crop, is NOT the way to go - sorry. However I have used small amounts of this to create tiny emphasise of an edit. To make any more substantial pans and zooms then you WILL fall into the need for optical/camera acquisition. Also remember that with any zoom ins you will loose sharpness - not so recognisable with HD, but loss none-the-less.

    To get to the samples you posted then you would need to zoom in a lot to get full frame again.
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    Smile Thanks!

    Okay, I think that is making more sense lol. Thanks for your input, I really appreciate it, and it will be very helpful! =)


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