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Thread: where am I...I ask you the critical video buff!

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    Default where am I...I ask you the critical video buff!


    New to the forum.

    I gave video a ride, back in the analogue days. Some critical success, but could never make any true impact.

    A space shuttle crashes and video re-enters my world (far too long of story!). Spent the last 18 months catching am I doing? Is this stuff any good? Basic desktop- groping in Premiere Pro- some of my latest creations.
    http://www.2bdeterminedfilms.chrisva...m/work/Ex1.htm has more of the family video editing thing.

    Hope you can scope out my work/site and of course I'm open to criticism.

    Chris Valentine

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    Enjoyed the SHUTTLE and FOCUS video's!

    Very well done. Looks pro to me. Have you submitted your work
    to production houses or entered any film/video festivals?

    Curious, how long did it take you to complete the Shuttle video?

    Thanks for the ride

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    The shuttle video took a long time, sort of did it in segments over a month long period. 100? 150 hours. Way too long, but it was my first NLE project and I think it shows. I have a commentary page about "...and for other purposes" on my site. If you are a space junkie at all you might want to catch my Columbia reentry reconstruction video. Also on my site.

    I haven't submitted anything yet as virtually evrything I've done has copyright roadblocks all over them.

    Slowly developing a couple documentaries that'll have to get past those roadblocks. Otherwise, it's just test and experiment and try to bring in some money with the family oriented video stuff-

    Thanks for the feedback...and the kudos!


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    I do keep meaning to watch it, but every time i remember is a time when i've "just nipped on to the computer for a minute".

    I will watch it. I promise


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