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Thread: Line Near Bottom of Video with Multiple Software

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    Default Line Near Bottom of Video with Multiple Software

    Posting this for a friend. I am not sure how to help him and he gets the same problem with multiple applications. Any thoughts?

    I took a screen shot of a low res vid but it still shows how I am getting this constant video scrambled line at the bottom. What is strange is that it isnít at the very bottom. There is clear picture above and below it but this one spot just is driving me nuts.

    I am sending my Canon 8mm Camera into the DV deck for my Sony handycam. The Canon is connected by RCA into the deck and the deck has firewire out into the computer. So I set my Sony handycam to import AV-DV as the manual instructed and there is no line at the bottom on either cameraís preview screen. The line appears on the preview screen on the windows media import though. So somewhere in my computer is the problem and I donít know why? Is there a setting or format that I should be changing it to?

    The problem is when this information is being sent into the computer and the computer is reading this line somehow. I know that it is not my software or hardware that is involved because I bought a dazzle and used that and had the same outcome.

    I am seriously going crazy because everything I am doing is textbook to a T and somehow the only thing that isnít working is this constant line. Would S-video clear this up?

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    theres is an area around the border call an over scan area.. that are will not be seen on TV's.. Older camcorders were not made with the idea of the internet, if you are using an older cam that could be the issue. Its hard to say if thats your problem or not

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    yea - analogue original ? Looks to me like typical analogue cam mess - the last few lines are often a bit scrambled.

    Just crop it out.

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    You are using an analogue camcorder 'my Canon 8mm Camera' and that line at the bottom is just a feature of those camcorders. There is nothing wrong with it and unless you want to crop it or add a border around your video (black bars at the top and bottom - pretend widescreen) to hide the line it will remain there. If you put the video on a dvd the top, bottom and sides will not be seen but if you stick it on YouTube everything will be seen. So it's your call, what do you want to do with it?

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