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Thread: Help! Captured video gets choppy! IM DESPRATE...PROJECT DUE!

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    Default Help! Captured video gets choppy! IM DESPRATE...PROJECT DUE!


    Ima newbie to the fourm.....but i need some hella using a sony dcr trv 740 digital8 handy cam.

    after about an hour of googling for answers i resorted to here!

    when i put the video on the computer (through firewire ofcourse) and i try to watch it, after about a minute of playback, it gets super choppy, (about 2 seconds of video before it chops everytime) and im desprate to get this stuff done...

    help me!


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    So you've captured the video to the hard drive, and it starts jumping after a minute.

    Never had a problem like that myself and i use a similar camera, sorry this is an obvious question but have you checked the tape in case it's chewed?

    I think everyone with usefull advice from the UK is asleep, I'll do my best.
    I think they would say:

    could you give some details about what software you used to capture, what format you captured in and the pc setup you're using.

    make sure the drive your capturing to is de-fragmented, this solves a lot of problems with dropped frames and stuff.
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    I Have

    AMD Tbird 1.5 ghz
    664 md ram
    20 gig hard drive
    i have tried Pure Motion Editstudio 4 and Windows Movie maker to see if it was the software, but its still drops frames like a mofo

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    Check whether you have DMA enabled for your HDD. If not - then this may be the cause.

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    You have a PC running Windows XP and only have a 20Gb HDD according to your spec.

    That's actually quite small drive and your problems may simply be that the disk is fragmented and is unable to maintain the data rate necessary.

    Try a defrag to see if that helps.

    But I would recommend getting a second HDD if you are to continue video editing.

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