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Thread: Why is the recorded sound not saved?

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    Question Why is the recorded sound not saved?


    I am struggeling with trying to make a recording of sound. The client is vegas studio 9 but I dont seem to be able to get the sound I record saved.

    Here is what it looks like.

    In the first picture you see the voice channel, I make some noices and you can se that its register them.

    But ones I press "done" this happen.
    The voicechannel turns purle and nothing is played. You can see the info of the file created. It have size, but say no sound recorded?

    Am I missing some codec, plugin or why does it do this?

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    Tbh I have only ever done what you are trying to do once - and I sort of recall a problem at first - I think.

    I will investigate further and post either way tomorrow.

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    Ok thanks.
    For the record, when I play the wavfiles from the folder they are saved to they work just fine. I use VLC for this. But Vegas dont find em.

    So they do exist. But there seem like some conflikt.

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    Did anyone find any solution? :(

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    Suppose you just drag the wav files from windows explorer back onto the timeline?

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