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Thread: Removing Loud (Non-Constant) Background Noise?

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    Default Removing Loud (Non-Constant) Background Noise?

    I recently took some footage at one of my high school's baseball game, and one part from in the batting cages has some periodic loud noise in the background of balls being hit. I took a look at the various effects/filters in Audacity to try to make the noise softer (so that I could then in turn make the voices louder without clipping), but I didn't have much success. Just doing normalization on the file doesn't seem to do much either, likely just because of the volume difference between the voices and the sound. I uploaded an MP3 of the audio to -- can anyone take a listen and give me some suggestions on what I could try next? Thanks.

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    sorry to say but unless you have some very high end equipment theres not much you can do.. you can cancel out some freg.. but seing how its a compressed file you wont have much luck

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    Well, my original (that's actually a part of the AVI generated by the camera) is ADPCM. I just converted a clip of it to MP3 specifically for asking this question. Not sure if that makes a huge difference, but I do have something besides the MP3 to do my work with.

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    I agree - the soloution will probably be worse than the problem.

    Someinmes it is possible to remove distracting noises but only when they occur with random sound rather than music / speech. You can sometimes clip the bit out with the noise and paste in a bit from abother part of the sound track.

    Maybe you can post a clip ??

    If I think I can fix it I may have a go - I quite enjoy succh fiddling. And I am nice.

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    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond, I had quite a bit of stuff to do over the weekend and yesterday. Here's a link to the video that came directly off the camera, no editing/processing done at all (except cutting it to make it shorter/smaller):

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    i think you're out of luck.. you might get rid of some. but its so loud I doubt it really... Just plan you shoots better to avoid it the future.. its a live and learn type of thing, sorry to say

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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