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Thread: Problems with capture card, need new one.

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    I'm nearing my wits end. All I want to do is transfer all my old VHS stuff to my computer, edit them and save and burn the new movies. I also want to do other video editing, as a hobby. So, I finaally upgrade & build a pretty decent computer that will handle the task. As always, a problem arises. I'm so sick and tired of Pinnacle Studios crappy software that I'm trying Vegas out. Of course, wouldnt you know it, Vegas doesnt capture analog. How stupid??!! Fixed that problem, but now my capture card (the one that comes bundled with Pinnacle) wont work with vegas. Or at least vegas recognizes it, but says that its being used and cant be opened. Should I ditch the Pinnacle card and buy a new card? if so, whats a good, moderately priced capture card?

    Second question, I capured a clip with Vegas via my DV camera. I then saved it. When i watch the video rendered by Vegas, there are interlaced lines when motion occurs. Why is this? But when i import into WMM and render the same file rendered by Vegas, the lines are gone. Why is this?

    It's funny that that the free, and easiest software to use (WMM) has the least problems. I can import just about any file type into WMM, but Pinnacle wont let you import shit, Vegas wont let you capture analog nor recognize my capture card etc etc.
    I just want to capture all my old VHS tapes, edit them and burn to a DVD. Something that should be so simple is the biggest pain in the rear.
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    It isnt really the fault of vegas that some manky pinnacle card wont work with it - pinaccle is often buggy and so I suspect are thier extras.

    Vgeas is very very stable but is is also a real editor.

    The lines you see in preview are interalce lines - they appear on monitors as monitors dont display interlaced video well - but tvs and apps the dienteralce on the PC do.

    Preview is just what it says.

    If your camera is interalce shoot ans edit and compile your dvds as interlace.

    As for capture cards - most are rubbish - cheapest I would rec is ( arse - forgot name right now ) - costs 150 - will post if i recall name or someone else may get it - lols.


    A cheap used DV cam with an analogue video in is just as good.


    many DVD recorders of the next to the tv kind can digitise video to dvd and you can then edit that. You may have one already hence my suggestion. Slightly lower quality technically but not anything most would notice.

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    Wouldnt you know it, the DV camera I have is the model that they decided to do away with the A/D pass through inputs. My luck is getting worse everyday. Should I just get an analog to digital converter? like Canapus? Or is their one that y'all would suggest?

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    As you are using VHS, quality isn't going to be a big deal. I would connect the VHS deck to a dvd recorder and record the tapes onto blank dvd's. Just set the recording to the highest quality in the menu beforehand. When done finalise the discs, put them into your computer and copy the vob files onto your hard drive, they always come in at around 1GB in size so you may get four or five of them on a disc. Then you need some conversion software such as MPEG_StreamClip 1.2 which can be downloaded from Squared 5 - MPEG Streamclip video converter for Mac and Windows, but firstly you need to download and install QuicktimeAlt1.81 as it has all the codecs in it needed for MPEG_StreamClip to work. Both are freeware and I have used them many times to do this.

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    Thanx for y'alls replys. I know this may be a stupid question, but why is it that I even want to pass the analog signal of a VHS tape through a DV camera for editing? Doesnt my capture card essentially convert the analog signal to digital when capturing?
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