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Thread: Some help please

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    Default Some help please

    Hard Drives.

    Does anyone have any experience between the Raptor and Baracuda. I am wanting ny cake and eat it in as must as I want quiet and perfromance. Is the Raptor a lot noisier than the Baracuda?

    Video Cards:

    Can anyone recommend a video card.

    MY spec so far is Asus Mobo, P4 3.4, 1gig ram, Aopen DVD Writer

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    In my experience, the Raptors are VERY noisy in disk access... and I have insulated my PC.
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    Thats what I had read in Toms......

    He favours the Baracuda for quietness and recons the performance gain is slight.

    I notice you have Raid. The mobo will allow me to Raid 0 and I could by 2 x 80Gig Baracudas for the price of 1 Raptor

    Is it worth it?

    Any thoughts on Vid Card, ie what are u running?

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    Don't bother with the RAID in my opinion. Sure, some will argue that you get a performance boost, but just as many these days say it simply isn't worth it!

    I've got a Seagate Baricuda in my HTPC. A lot quiter.
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    Any thoughts on a graphics Card?


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