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Thread: Submission Closes Tommorow

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    Default Submission Closes Tommorow

    I see that we've had less than a quarter of the entries in from those that registered and there's only ONE day left to get your video submitted.

    If you are having trouble getting your video on to the servers or there is any other reason you haven't posted your video, please email me.
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    Uploading as I type this. Very late in the game but just in time anyway. I actually started early enough, wrote a simple yet effective screenplay, created a complete photo storyboard but when I tested some special effects I realised it wasn't going to work. Back to the drawing board.

    Then I decided to combine this entry with another (animation) contest. But time restraints and an overambitious concept forced me to create a different project...with three days left...

    So It's not high art but I hope it's interesting to watch. I started the whole project at 12-11-2004 and just finished it. It's called "PaperCut".

    Hey, upload finished, I'm interested to see the rest of the entries. On one hand I hope to see some spectacular stuff, on the other I don't want my quick-n-dirty video to look too desperate

    Good luck for the rest of the "last moment" entries,


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