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Thread: HELP!Snapfire messing with vegas o.O??

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    Default HELP!Snapfire messing with vegas o.O??

    Hey I'm new to this so please tell me if I'm breaking any rules.

    Well when i click to open sony vegas 7 it starts loading as usual but about half way.. and installer appears and its asking to install Corel Snapfire plus?? and it says to install it i need a CD (which i don't seem to have!) - by the way this has never done this before.. only just happened today (i've used vegas perfectly for months)
    And in between this, the Vegas loading bar has stopped so surely it has done something to it. I try to get rid of this installer by clicking close but it keeps coming back... so i use Ctrl+Alt+Del and get rid of it that way but it also closes vegas :S and it does this everytime i try to open vegas. I tried re-installing vegas and that didn't work and i tried to uninstall this snapfire thing and that doesnt work because it thinks im trying to INstall it! ARG!!

    Help please!
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    This won't be anything to do with Vegas pre se. Your machine is corrupt. At best you've somehow associated some incorrect file type with Corel Snapfire plus. More likely you've got a trojan. Sorry.

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    Forgive the impertinence - but is this a proper cosher paid for copy of vegas - like paid for with money - a proper registered with a real password version ?

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