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Thread: Premiere to After Effects quality loss

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    Default Premiere to After Effects quality loss

    working with HD footage in premiere, just began using After Effects. Cant find the best way to transfer files without losing quality. When I export out of Premiere I get the wrong dimensions. The clips in Premiere are 1440x1080, mpegs, 16:9 how should I export that video to be used in After effects and then how should I render in After Effects so that when I put the clip back in Premiere, I haven't lost a lot of quality?

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    What do you need to do with the clips in After Effects?
    You will most likely need to export m2t files from Premiere, what is the source of the video?
    Is it from DV Tape, DVD, Hard Drive camera or something else?

    Can you import the original clips into AE for processing before editing in Premiere? Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    In After Effects I am going to do a multitude of things, general effects, motion tracking, time remapping, and text. They are HD DV Tapes. I have tried taking the original clips into premier, when I try to import them it tells me that it cannot read the extension, but it still imports them and I can use them. So that doesn't really bother me. But its possible that they look like the pixel aspect ratio is off they are stretched. and is im not sure how to export anything in the render queue other than avi, ive been told using the render queue is better than using the export function but I cant figure out how to change the preferences so I can adjust the export settings to what and where I want it to go.

    My whole project is already edited in Premier, now I have discovered AF and want to take certain clips back in and do some effects, then replace them back into premiere

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    All of what you mention can be done in Premiere; motion tracking, time remapping, text, everything, so no real need for AE in that case unless there is more to the story.

    If the clips are giving you an error when you import them that is your first clue that something is wrong. The fact that they look stretched is another clue that something is wrong. There should be no quality issues when moving clips from Premiere to AE.

    Are you using the 'Send to After Effects' option?
    What is the project setting you used in Premiere, my guess is that you used a SD project preset and probably not even widescreen. If you have HDV footage you need to use a HDV project setting which is automatically widescreen. The the image won't be stretched. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    What I want to accomplish needs to be done in After Effects. The clips are mpegs. The presets in my project are correct they are HDV 1080x1440. Is it possible that in the After Effects viewer it just looks stretched because I dont have my composition setting right? I have not found an option for send to After Effects. that sounds like it would be what I want.

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    What version of Premiere and AE are you using? Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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    you can import the premiere pro project file and from within that the sequence. you will loose no quality this way and you are able tyo do any minor tweeks later if necessary

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Engels View Post
    What version of Premiere and AE are you using?
    using CS3.

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