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Thread: Can I use a Laptop (Notebook) to edit

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    Default Can I use a Laptop (Notebook) to edit

    Hello, I am a complete "Newbie" about this subject, but my son has just bought an excellent Camcorder (I think it is excellent anyway), a Canon DMX M2.
    What I would like to know is, can a medium priced Notebook (about 1500) be used to edit video, if so what limitations are there.
    Also, is there a Glossary that I can browse somewhere, I do not know the abbreviations. (that is how "New" I am)
    Appolgies if this is not the correct Forum, perhaps I can be advised.
    Newbie, and a little on the thick side(so my wife says). )

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    Hi there and welcome to the forums!

    A mid ranged notebook shouldn't have a problem with video editing, but be careful what you buy! Price isn't always an indication of power performance in laptop terms, with the performance of laptops being judged on battery life as well as processing power. Laptop harddrives are also typically slower than desktop equivalents, and pound for pound, you'll be buying a less powerfull system by opting for a laptop. Also consider that video editing requires ample disk space, and laptops are typically stingy on the size of harddrives.

    Given that video editing always demands more and more processing power, I'd always go for the Desktop. I have both a laptop (2.4 Pentium 4 with 256MG Ram, 30GB harddrive) and video editing is possible - but I'd always chose my desktop over this.

    With this in mind, I'd always advise someone want to do A LOT of video editing to invest their money in a decent desktop system. This also gives the user ample upgrade opportunity - installing a dedicated video editing card for example.

    That being said, people are often tempted by laptops for video editing and Avid have recently launched a product aimed at this market (check out the Avid website). However, if it's the small form factor that appeals, why not going for a neat little bare bones system such as a Shuttle PC. These offer the compactness of a Laptop (they're TINY), but the scalability of a desktop system.

    As for a glossary, there's one at the main site at however, I've been told it's in need of updating

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    Default Laptop

    Marc, thanks for the very prompt reply, what a relief to read something from someone who know what he is talking about.
    I have read, and printed your reply for my son (40y.o. btw, and lives elswhere) he is not online.

    I will respond later.

    Nice site :P
    Newbie, and a little on the thick side(so my wife says). )

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    I only pretend to know what I'm talking about

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