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Thread: My third cooking show again I can use you great comments!

  1. Default My third cooking show again I can use you great comments!

    I dont mean to post ALL my shows on this forum but i do want to post the first few so I can get some output from you guys. One problem I did have with this one (again i know the camera was tilted, i missed that again, and the girls hair was coverin the mic at times) was that i wasnt sure what to put in between different scenes. A video editor told me never to use cross fades in cooking videos because they look edited...could anyone shine some light onto this?

    also again I would love some you guys to critique my work, thanks!

    also part 2 of this video is on my youtube channel if you guys want to take a look at that too. thanks

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    Well you know about the tilt which can be easily fixed with the pan and crop tool so I'll leave that out..

    The Sinefeld clip might run you into legal issues as im sure you didn't get the proper release, so I'd be careful for that.

    I liked the use of 2 cameras, if you didn't use 2 you pulled of the apearance of 2 very well..

    Some of the close ups and quick edits didn't work well for me and there was some audio issues at the 5:40 mark. Im not sure if that was the hair over the mic you meantioned.

    I think it was ok, I think you've done better though.. I'd still put in some lower thirds with the host name, ingredients and amounts.. Maybe show the finnished product in the begining so people can see what you're going to make. If I stumbled across this video I probably would have kept going. and see what it was in the begining might tempt me to watch the whole thing..

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    Agree 100% with CP. But will add....
    Yes you have done better and n small amount of that was due to your previous presenters - especially the previous girl.

    In this one the presented wasn't doing anything wrong as such - in fact she was friendly, funny and pleasant to look at, but it just seemed like 100 other cooking programmes, whereas in the other movies you showcased here, the presenters seemed to have really enthusiastic personalities coming across.

    This was not improved by the VERY long static shot while she introduced the ingredients. More angles, more variety please (but, bear in mind CP's comments - be careful of making the edits too quick). It would have been easy (with PLANNING) to have shot close ups of the ingredients, for example.

    When you did cut to the angle shot, I wasn't too hapy with it.
    It was neither a mid shot nor a closeup of the mixing bowl. It sat awkwardly in between. The worst part was it cut off part of the presenters head. You want it either all in the shot or all out. (There are exceptions to this of course, like when you want a facial close-up or you're doing an over the shoulder, but these clearly don;t apply here)

    I'd have gone for a closer shot for better contrast with the mid shots before and after.

    As for passing of time. People expect this with cooking programmes. I think your cut to the outside of the house with accompanying "stinger" music was pretty good, and the shots of the house make it "homely".

    Consider using the same technique but perhaps with title graphics "food" "and" "the" "city" over four beats would do the job. Or shots of cooking implements. I used this sort of thing to separate scenes in "Eye in the Sky" (shameless plug) Where I actually tie it in with the background music before/after.

    Dissolves probably aren't good, but time passing in a cookery programm is one exception where I would have thought it is appropriate to use a transition.

    The problem with getting better at something is the more you learn, the more you realise there IS to learn! Keep it up.

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    I'll say for one..that girl is hotttt

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