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Thread: Problem with premiere cropping FRAPS footage

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    Default Problem with premiere cropping FRAPS footage

    I am making alot of different movies which i upload to youtube from differnt games, the approach i use is:

    1) I use fraps to capture ingame footage (Full size, 50 fps) (Use ingame resoltion of 1280*1024)
    2) I use premiere pro to edit the movie the way i want and add soundtracks (Use the default PAL 48khz settings on new project)
    3) I then export the movie with no compression to either AVI or DV-AVI
    4) I then use DivX-converter to compress the file to a suitable format before i upload it.

    The problem i experience happens during the editing in premiere. Premiere for some reason crops the other part of the footage. This happenes before i export, while i edit. I.e. if i view a raw file in the left monitor it shows in full screen. If i drag the same file to the timeline and press play, so it shows in the right monitor the video is cropped, meaning the edges of the footage is gone, so i cant see the ingame minimap and controls etc...

    I really hope somone is able to help me out with this one, i have been trying for a long time to figure out what is wrong.

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    Your captured footage you say is at 1280*1024. Standard PAL settings are 720*576 therefore you footage is larger than your premier project.
    The reason it looks ok in the preview monitor is because thats exactly what it is a preview of the item as is. In the output monitor it shows you how it will be with the current project settings applied.

    what you will have to do is scale the footage down within premiere from the effects tab( I think thats where the scale effect resides as I'm not in front of it right now to check) and you should be good to go.

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    rightclick the video once put onto the timeline and click scale to frame. or use the scale control found in the effect control window.

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