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Thread: Go and Check it out Please :)

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    Smile Go and Check it out Please :)

    the link below is my channel and my video that i want some ppl to see and get some comments on..if you have a youtube channel , please subscribe and i'll do the same!!!

    Newest video!

    My Channel....SUBSCRIBEE!! <3
    YouTube - dontstopthemusic608's Channel

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    If you are going to ask the talent to sync you gotta do it right or it looks crap...

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    I watched two of the clips as I had an idea they were all the same? Girl standing in front of black background and a few colour effects gets slightly boring after a while. The lip synching was way off, did you not use audio playback when making those videos, so your female talent could mine better or did she just not care?

    Also, we didn't really need to see the joins or the wrinkles in the background, it just looked tacky and cheap. If you want to be taken seriously as a video producer you need to get those technical points correct as everyone will think you are just taking the piss. Try harder next time.

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