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Thread: very short movie + special effect

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    Default very short movie + special effect

    Hi there

    I am looking to commission a very short very simple movie (a few seconds) of a person using our product - an ecig - followed by their head exploding. I've no idea of the typical cost so ideally I'd like a quote with a link to some previous work by the producer. The work will be posted on our You Tube channel and payment can be made via paypal or google checkout.


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    Does the head really have to explode? It seems a bit over-the-top, that's all... has Micheal Jackson tried it?
    Let's be serious, is it to dispel the notion that electronic cigarettes can make your head explode?
    I'm intrigued; I'd like to take a shot at it but the exploding head shot is, er, way over my head..

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    Over the top is what we want Seriously, I would consider a bang and lots of smoke, followed perhaps by a headless manequin, but only after the exploding head is totally ruled out. The effect is totally beyond me, too, although having looked into a bit I believe it could be done with Adobe After Effects. Or possibly a melon!

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    I'll see if it can be done with the software that I'm using. Might be a valuable experience, might want to shoot a modern version of 'The 8 wives of King Henry V111.'
    But instead of his wives being decapitated, their heads explode.
    PS. Is there an update on whether Micheal Jackson has tried it?
    PPS, I'll PM you about this, I'm very creative, I could do something with this idea - and suggest other ideas.

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    Gr8 - I look forward to receiving your pm!

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    I could try, I use Adobe After Effects.

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    Great - I'll pm you with more info.

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    There is a tutorial on Andrew Kramers Videocopilot site that has the kind of effect you're looking for done in after effects.

    here's a link

    VIDEO COPILOT | After Effects Tutorials & Post Production Tools

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    Thanks for the tip. I am still hoping to find someone who can do the job for me!

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