hello to everyone,

i'm hoping someone out there can help me. i've been editing a documentary for the lst few months on my home pc with premiere 6. i have only basic editing skills and had always planned to get it onlined professionally. however it looks like that might not happen now.

i now want to look into the possibility of playing it out from my pc to dv and just leaving it at that. has anyone any experience with this, and would they advise for or against it?

i've tried a playout already but get some jarring on the tape. i changed the upper/lower fields settings and that didn't help, has anyone any ideas?

also, i need to make an edl. i can only seem to make a generic edl but need to make a cmx 3600 edl. when i do this the file is blank. i dont quite understand the settings page before the save screen. can anyone help?

i dont really appreciate any help you can offer,


Michael Cosgrave