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Thread: Newbie AVCHD rendering nightmare please help

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    Default Newbie AVCHD rendering nightmare please help

    OK everybody I am a total newbie so if my ineptitude is the cuase for amusement then please enjoy for as long as you like at my expense – lol – but – when you have stopped ROFL please tell me what i am doing wrong.

    My Camcorder is a Sony HDR SR5 and the software is Vegas8 pro version on a Pentium 6600 with 2 gigs of RAM the basis of my problem is that i simply want to take clips from the cam, edit them/it then rewrite the AVCHD file with the clips joined up – pretty simple stuff I know.

    If I take two [or more] m2ts clips from my camcorder, drop them into Vegas on seperate timelines [or on the same timeline makes no difference] then render the two clips it all goes up the wall. To explain, the render proceeds no problem. Windows shows the rendered movie as an m2ts file of around the size you would expect but when i then try to add the same said newly rendered file into a timeline in Vegas all i get is a soundtrack and if i look in the project media window in vegas it shows the ‘m2ts’ file as an mpeg only with no AVCHD or 5.1 surround properties. To put it mildly this is driving me around the bend – thing is I am sure this must be a basic error I am making rather than a problem with Mr Sonys camcorder or software. BTW the render setting i am using is the default AVCHD 5.1 surround setting with the ‘include video’ box ticked!!! I have tried to keep the detail to a minimum to avoid making a clutter but if anybody needs more info to try to fathom this then please get in touch straight away.
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