Hey, I have two questions about Sony Vegas Pro 8.

First Question:
I was wondering if there some how is possible to combine two pictures togheter? for example.
One picture is from a hand which isn't holding anything, the second picture is a stick which I want to be hold by this hand. And these two pictures should act like one, so where ever the hand goes the stick will follow.

I can do this frame by frame but that would take some time :(

Second Question:
I know you can add effects to a whole Video Track instead of going from clip to clip, but is there some way to make all clips on this video track to be "Widescreen TV Aspect"? You can change "pixel aspect ratio" in Project/properties to different widescreens but that is not the look I am looking for. So at the moment im single changing every clip in Event Pan/Crop to Widescreen TV Aspect which is the look I am after.
But that takes quite some time :d

Any help or suggestions would be much appriciated!