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    I'm currently running a 2.4ghz quad core intel processor... overclocked to 2.8.
    i have 5gb of ram at 800mhz. And yet adobe premiere seems to run so sluggish when editing with large sums of AVCHD footage.

    does anyone else have this problem? or Is my hard ware not up to scratch?

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    Nothing wrong with your pc I dont expect - but there is a lot wrong with AVCHD - it seems to take so much oomph to edit as to render it almost uneditable...

    People on the forum have suggested 2 work arounds.

    Edit decision list - some editors can do this easily and most with a bit of fiddling. The idea is that you edit on a proxy version of the original - a much lower res and editable version - like a dv transcode. Finish your edit and then swap the media to the original file for the render.

    [ame=]Edit decision list - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia[/ame]

    Others edit on a simialr standard transcode - like a HDV compliant mpeg or similar.

    Personally i would think about selling the camera and getting an HDV tape camera - but I only have 2 cores and on my system AVCHD was unuseable really.

    Hopefully someone with first hand exp may offer more hands on advice.

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