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Thread: Bravo Rising - An Elite Sci-fi short film

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    Default Bravo Rising - An Elite Sci-fi short film


    An elite search a rescue unit, called Bravo team are sent on a unique mission to retrieve an ambassador and his accompanying team from a distant alien moon

    Jackson.................Joe Greenslade
    Alex.........................Femi Ogunbanjo
    Adam......................Joe Maudsley
    John........................Andrew Lindfield
    Sam........................Dan Cheetham
    Jenny......................Lena Andersson

    Directed, Produced, Written, Filmed, Edited and Scored by
    Callum Thomson
    Anthony Richardson
    Patrick Shelton
    Robert Martindale

    Special Thanks to:
    Leanne Jones
    Lorrie Parry
    Paul Mills

    Here are some still so entice you

    And Finally the link

    Bravo Rising(2009)

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    well no comments so far, anyone?

    For those of you watched and enjoyed 'Bravo Rising' we've made a directors commentary.

    Some bad language is used so if you take offense, avoid.

    For everyone else, enjoy!

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    Congratulations on what, in my opinion was an excellent short film.

    At the beginning, the suspense (created by the combination between the eerie, creepy sountrack, the extreme cautiousness and fear displayed by the characters, along with the fact there was virtually no dialogue) was first-rate.

    Building up towards the shoot-out scene, the use of green (as they were going through the tunnel) and red filters was an excellent idea. This immediately added a whole lot more apprehension and braced the viewer for action!

    I thought the shoot out scene was very well done. Excellent sound effects for the guns! (By the way, the guns were excellent, where did you get them from?) Good frantic interaction between the characters, as one of them becomes injured!

    My only criticism is that the aliens were disappointing. To be honest they looked like they came out a halloween shop! They could have been far more odd, abnormal and disturbing! But apart from that I can't find any other fault!

    The film naturally became clearer when the viewer finds that the mission was to save the ambassador! This was good, as it was the absence of dialogue at the beginning which added to the suspense.

    So overall a very professional-looking, impressive short film. Like all films should, it left me desiring more. So keep me updated on your work..


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    wow, thanks Ed

    We've gotten a lot of stick for this film and it's really nice to hear our efforts are appreciated. I'm afraid we did use halloween masks fo the aliens and that was simply because of our budget contraints. In future we'll try and sell it more.

    We also recorded an audio commentary which gives you the inside scoop and the option to hear the real 'us'.

    Once again glad you liked it


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    Gave up after 75%.

    Script - plodding and full of rather daft lines. if you dont have a good script you have nothing.

    Production - I can see you have worked very hard but maybe too hard - trying to emulate 'Aliens' is a tall order and this ends up looking ( and sounding ) like a spoof of a James cameron films - full of attmepts to emulate that flop.

    Camera - adequate - just.

    Sound - poor.

    Fx - cheesy and not graded in that well - added little really as the boiler room made me expect water pistols....

    I think you are trying far far too hard - all style and no substance.

    I suspect you all have a dose of hubris worthy of Saddam Hussien - posting sneak peek pics - lols -

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    Sticking my neck out - I wonder if this is the problem....

    "Directed, Produced, Written, Filmed, Edited and Scored by
    Callum Thomson
    Anthony Richardson
    Patrick Shelton
    Robert Martindale "

    Did everyone do everyithng ?? That may explain the lack of intensity and focus that I felt.

    Writers write, editors edit, and so on.

    Just noticed the directors commentry - now if you are not taking the piss then you are surely guilty of hubruis.

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    It is true, the whole thing was made just by 4 of us and a lot of long days

    but yeh mark you are right we were over ambitious and didn't quite make it. We tried our best though. We noticed that not everyone liked this short and therefore decided to show our sense of humour about it all via the audio commentary.

    We're not arrogant about the film because we know there are flaws and places to improve but doesn't every film.

    Also I dont think there's anything wrong with posting sneak peek pics, gets the audience exicted

    thanks for your comments anywho

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    Quote Originally Posted by ctbullet View Post
    It is true, the whole thing was made just by 4 of us and a lot of long days
    I'm not sure this is what Mark meant. Listing all 4 of you doing a bit of everything implies there was a lack of focus. You need clearly defined roles and responsibilities to ensure everyone knows what they are doing and why. Without these, you start to lose focus and can't maximise everyone's talent.

    I understand that Mark suggested that you all need to be more focused rather than not believing that four of you created the film.

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    I'm afraid I think you've misunderstood. Just because I didn't credit every little role to each person doesn't mean we didnt have defined roles. I thought it would be boring for you guys to have to sit and read a long list of pointless credits.

    If you must know

    Callum Thomson.............Director and DOP
    Patrick Shelton...............First AD and Cam Op
    Anthony Richardson.......Sound Engineer and boom op
    Robert Martindale..........Second AD and Camera Op

    We also had minor roles which everyone chipped in one. As this was a universit project we decided to opt as a team rather than a crew toget the job done.

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    A lot of work has gone into this production but... (Oh I really wish there wasn't a "but...")

    Don't get annoyed with the list of "faults", they're not meant as a put-down but it doesn't make them any the less valid.

    There was a lack of preparation and it showed.

    The script needed a lot more work done to it. The dialogue wasn't realistic and came out stilted and forced. Put bluntly it was cheesy. The temptation is to rush through to the fun bit (the filming) and this is always a mistake. You need a good script before you even consider exposing videotape, it's the foundation for the whole production As the saying goes "you can't polish a turd":

    This surfaced in the location, the cellar/boiler room. If it was supposed to be a spaceship it didn't work (the brickwork is a bit of a giveaway). If it's supposed to be a space-station, same comments apply. You would have been better off finding a totally neutral location and dressing or lighting it. The inside of a container makes a good spaceship, a few sheets of corrigated iron to cover up the stone walls, that sort of thing. Preparation again.

    The actors weren't bad but.... they didn't fit their roles. You simply don't believe that these are trained soldiers/spacemen/crewmen. They played it straight (with a lot of over-acting in places) but they just don't look the part. They look like teenagers playing at soldiers. This isn't a criticism of the actors but is very bad casting, especially the eighteen year old "Ambassador". If you can't get actors for the roles you've written, then change the roles to fit the actors.

    The sound recording needed a lot more work. The dialogue sounds very hollow and distant, with far too much ambient. Either the microphone was too far away (it actually sounded like the on-camera mic) or it was badly aimed.

    Finally the lighting... It's not enough to leave everything dark with the occasional splash of light. Those splashes have to be in the right places. Let's start at the basics. Have a look at the sewer chase in "The Third Man". Spartan lighting but each shot is a composition in light and shade. Sixty years later....Look at "Alien" and you see the same, those lights have to be placed carefully, you paint with light.

    Having said that (yup a bit of positiveness) it was a lot, lot better than many of the user vids we get here.

    When it comes to teamwork, a movie is not a democracy. You need everyone to have defined roles and defined tasks. Your director just directs (Clint Eastwood might direct and act in his own films but you ain't no Clint) The videographer sets the lights and camera, the sound recordists just does the sound, the actors just act etc. etc.
    There is a reason why, after a century of moviemaking, the structure is still in place.

    So, good luck in future projects and thanks for joining our forum.

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