Hello folks,

I'm just getting to grips with transferring video from my CANON dvd camcorder. It creates a .ifo and a .vro file. I copy both of these onto my local drive and then edit the vro with the Womble software (which I think is great). I split up the various bits and save them to both mpeg and mp4.
All fine and dandy. The problem I'm trying to solve is how to get the information out of the .ifo file so I know when the videos were actually taken. That way I can put little titles on each section of mpeg/mp4 that I create. I don't want to do anything trick with it, just be able to see what it holds.
I've tried:
1) ifoedit - doesn't show any info that I can see
2) dvd-decrypter - perversely, this will only look at the dvd drive for data and then will only pick files up if they are in the VIDEO_TS directory. The Canon writes to a different directory name so dvd_decrypter fails at the first hurdle...

Many thanks