OK my PC is not even entry level anymore but I believe it to be almost up to the task of editting my home movies.

Sony Vegas 9.0b
EMachines 560 PC
Windows XPSP2
Realtek AC97 Sound
Geforce FX5500 128MB
80GB HD, 20G free
Drivers updated with DriverDetective, non essential background progs shut down, defragged etc
Canon MD160 MiniDV
a 400G external HD stores stuff but nothing to do with my video editting

Editted footage is usually no more than 10 minutes long with nothing more complex than crossfades and the occaisional section of extra sound to cover up/fill in original sound.

It usually takes 2 attempts at saving to DV tape to avoid footage locking up briefly for only a few frames at a time on the way to the camcorder. Had this a lot more when I used Pinnacle Studio 9.43. There are so many settings with Vegas I am not sure what is best but currently am prerendering audio to a proxy file, project rendering quality set to best, video interleaving (whatever that is) is off and the last time I saved to tape it was OK but its seems a bit random, as I said if I try again with the same settings it may be perfectly OK or the project may hang for fractions of a second somewhere else.

Just wondered what the best settings for a steam driven PC, other than reducing project quality?