Hey everybody some of you may remember me before on this site for my music videos but any way. I'm now a producer for a new Broadcast TV Video Show that will be airing in 67 countries & 5 states. I work for WHO?MAG Video Vision. It’s a
new broadcast TV program that reaches 144,000,000 households in 67
countries plus NYC, PA, NJ, DE, and CA on 8 different channels.

Basically we are looking for independent music videos to air on our 30
minute program. You must own all of the copyrights to your video (no
samples). Also, all video entries will be submitted to the largest
video database.

And if you don't have the rights let the music group or artist know about this opportunity.

If you are interested, you can visit our page with all the information
at Who?Mag Video Vision.

Also, let me know the name of the video and the name of the group so
we can keep a look out for it. Please also write “referred by Thato Dadson”
on the submission form.

WHO?MAG Video Vision is a new program from the makers of WHO?MAG TV.
For the channel lineup, visit Who?Mag Online - whomag.net (in the news section).
Also, click the link below to watch the trailer for WHO?MAG TV also
airing in 67 countries.

Thank you,
Thato Dadson