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Thread: 16:9 Mad Bomber Reloaded.

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    Default 16:9 Mad Bomber Reloaded.

    Mad Bomber episode 1, now in 16:9, a new character called 'Mute' extra scenes and a linking scene at the end to episode 2. Also included are full titles and credits. All music is now 'smartsounds' and youtube friendly.

    Its the first time I have gone in and chopped up a finished video, some 9 years after it was made, strange feeling doing that.

    Two of my voice actors have since died so I am hoping the others can hang in there for episode 2 and 3.

    Please pull it to bits.
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    Nothing like milking it, is there, Leo. As Barry Norman*** would say, "And why not?"

    Will settle down with coke and popcorn to watch later when I can have sound.

    *** English fim critic, form many years host of BBC TV's film review program "Film 'xx" where xx was '72, 73, 74 etc and not some reference to not quite hardcore porn.

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    Hi Tim.

    I am doing exactly the same method used by producers all over the world.

    There are quite a few changes here, it was never written as a multi episode saga, with the addition of one new character and a 50 second scene now it is.

    The upload I did 2 years ago was 4:3 with some very average encoding I joined youtube as a dare from a friend, somehow it went mega viral even though it looked like rubbish. (thats a insight into a audience)
    Now its 16:9, been renamed 'Mad Bomber', that was never part of the original video, all this was derived from the youtube audience.

    Offending copyright music removed, that was tricky to find suitable titles to use. Youtube is really clamping down on this now.

    It really had a different feel to the old version; and I do get lots of interest within youtube on how to convert 4:3 to 16:9, although I don't do it with maths, I use brute force. Its not exactly right, its close enough.

    'Thanks' Tim..!


    Seems to be a issue with HQ now on youtube, my US viewers don't experience any stutter, where I live both HQ and HD videos are being played with all sorts of issues, seems to only affect uploads from the last few weeks.
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    Had to settle for coffee and Jaffa cake, but I enjoyed it all the same. No problems with the HQ streaming here (UK evening). I really loved the look of the final scene. It had a real sinister sci-fi feel to it.

    You're right about the different feel - I suspect much of this is down to the music. The Smartsound orchestral stuff is really quite good. I think it gives anything much more of a "film" feel than all that fusion band stuff. I keep wanting to buy more (though I've no suitable films in progress to use it for).

    I'm beginning to feel I'm getting to know the members of your old video club now. The personalities are beginning to show through. I hope you can use them (at least those that haven't died) in the next episode.

    I'm not entirely sure of the point of the Mute scene. Maybe it's an "in" joke or maye you just wanted to vary the pace a bit (it is fairly fast paced - especially early on)

    Nevertheless it got a 5* from me.

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    Thanks Tim for taking the time to see all the changes in this tired old video.

    I may have mentioned this before I am pretty certain we have very few degrees of separation between us considering our video club connections.

    No in jokes about Mute, It’s easier to deal with a character without a voice; he also adds a little twist to the story.

    The original video was made for a video club end of year competition; it had a time limitation of 10min.
    One fault I would now pick with the video: it has too many characters in it, with quite a complex story to follow I will really limit the number of characters in these next episodes.

    Considering all my audience want to see is bombings, and lots of them its tricky having all this action and relating it to a story.

    Alfred Hitchcock certainly understood the used of having a bomb not explode, that’s a complex piece of drama to pull off, I tend to just let the bomb work, then move on to the next target.
    I know nothing about youtube, even less about video

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    Well done, the story is good, the visual effect are like perfect. Each character are unique even if they are ... trains .. I think you could just make a complete season and start you own show.
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