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Thread: open avi files in pinnacle studio 8

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    Default open avi files in pinnacle studio 8

    I have a very odd problem that is extremely frustrating - probably because I have no idea how to fix it. I know this looks long, but ANY suggestive help would be MUCH appreciated

    First I open this avi files in windows movie maker, and thats ok, because when I play the video to see it for editing, the voice and the speed its ok.

    Second, when I open or import or get this same avi video on pinnacle studio 8 I get a lot of piece of videos, but when I drag to the timeline to start to edit and play the videos, I see the videos but the video its I think slow because dont play like the original, play with a slow frames and the voice its not sycronized with the video , and the transisions can show good, because how the video play very slow or jumping frame to frame.

    can anybody helpme to import the avi file and play in pinnacle studio 8 like the original in the original speed and hear the voice syncronized with the video.

    the video files its 30 frames per second
    data rate: 290 kbps
    video sample size: 24 bits
    video compresion: indeo _video 5

    bite rate: 88kbps
    audio sample size: 8bits
    audio format: PCM
    its : 640 x 480 pixeles

    my computer its a laptop pentium 4 windows xp, with a 2.4 processor
    512 mb in ram, 400 bus speed
    and 40 g hard disk,

    please can any helpme on this ?

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    Sounds to me like Studio's having problems with the codec. Try downloadig BBmpeg, and using this to convert to MPEG2, then import the resulting video to Studio.

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    what its BBmpeg? its a program? because I have some programs who can convert or save an avi file to mpeg...

    or its any files what I need to resolve my problems on codecs? je (I dont know what its codecs...)

    thanks for your repply , in this moment I go to your website


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    Just a program to convert to MPEG

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    Ok I have that program, but I have another question...( More ?) yes please one more...
    what program can do conversion from Windows Media Audio\Video file to Avi file or to mpeg ?

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    Get yourself a copy of VirualDUb veriosn 1.3 or earlier.

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    thanks , Marc


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