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Thread: Importing from Camera - any tips?

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    Default Importing from Camera - any tips?

    Ok, I have Sony Vegas Premuim, running Win Vista.

    I have a sony DCR-DVD100E

    I can not take the minidvd out the Camera and insert it into my Laptop, as I have one of the slidein dvd drives :(

    Mini usb on the camera to usb on the Laptop doesn't work, as it doesn't see the data on the disk. (will work on xp, but not vista - someone said on here thats luck, not design)

    External dvd drive doesn't work, its probably because its usb as well.

    I don't have a firewire port on my laptop. Such thing as a pcmcia to-firewire?

    Can anyone suggest a way of the getting the data off the minidvd on to my laptop?

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    Odd - just about every pc drive I have used can read small camera dvds.

    Maybe you could swap the drive or get a friend to transfer files to his drive and copy over.

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    Its one of those slide in drives though, theres no tray.

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