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Thread: Voice synch off, wrong cables ?

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    Default Voice synch off, wrong cables ?

    Hi all

    Another newbie with a frustrating problem !

    Bought a new PC from PC World, AMD Athon 64 3200+ processor, 128meg video card.

    I've got a ton of videos i want to convert onto DVD and also my wedding video.

    I've got Pinnacle Studio 7, bought a lead from Dazzle which is a Digitial Video Creator 80 which basically is a scart lead into my video, then it takes the L Audio, R Audio and Video-In into this little box and comes out with a USB lead

    Looks good, works with Pinnacle Studio, can capture video BUT whatever i capture the voice synch is off by about 10 seconds whether its high or low quality.

    At the front of my PC i have a bit called 'Video' with two connections, one S-Video and the other Composite.

    I presume i should try and use these really instead of the standard USB connection.

    I think basically i need to find a lead which goes from my video to these points, i tried using Composite before which seemed to work but no audio

    Any ideas ??? Any advice on what lead to get ? When i went to PC World they were as useful as a chocolate teapot

    Many thanks for reading

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    If you use composite you will still need to use the audio cables. Try running the audio and svideo (better quality than compsite) directly to the PC. You may also want to consider upgrading Studio 7 to 9 as this is a lot more reliable and has better performance. In this case though I suspect the problem may be related to the Dazzle converter box.

    That's my opinion. If you don't like it I have others

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    Does the audio gradually go out of synch or is it always 10 seconds out? If it's a set amount out, you could de-multiplex (split the audio and video) and the muliplex the mpeg with a ten second offset. This will take seconds to do.

    Or take the lead back to PC world and get a refund (it clearly isn't fit for the use it's intended, so they will give you a full refund).

    If you're going to do a lot of converting and editing, invest in a hardware solution such as an ADVC 55 from Canopus.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    The audio gradually goes out of synch. I made a dvd up of favourite music videos, most seemed ok, the longest song (4-5 minutes) started going slightly off synch.

    I tried capturing 30 mins of video and soon into the video it was totally out of synch.

    Just bought one of those adaptors , so that the L and R audio can go into the microphone/line in or wherever on the PC.

    Of course when i now try to capture video using either Microsoft Movie Maker, Pinnacle Studio or another DVD creator i have it sounds fine when i'm playing the video. After i've finished recording and i play back the audio its a terrible quality with tons of hiss etc. I cant win !

    I havent got an S Video connection lead so i'm using Composite for the video. For the sound (l and right combined into microphone or line in) the sound is just terrible when i playback :-(

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    What capture settings are you using for the sound?

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    Well i'm trying a variety of things to see what works...

    I have the scart lead plugged in to video, from that are 3 connections, the yellow is in the composite connection. Then i have the white and red cable (l and r audio) into a connection which makes it into one socket. (sorry for the bad explaining !). That socket then goes into the headphones audio connection at the front.

    When i use Pinnacle Studio 8....

    Using this new connection it drops a lot of frames, the audio sounds terrible as well.

    Previously when i used the Dazzle Digital Video Creator 80 (All 3 leads plugged in which went to the USB), the video was excellent, however the audio was out of sync.

    Using Windows Movie Maker using this new connection (composite and sound into mic) again the video quality is fine, the sound is awful.

    The other thing i have is Intervideo WinDVD creator. Using the old method (Dazzle into USB) the video was fine but i couldnt get any audio. Using the current setup (compositive and both audio combined into mic socket) again the video is great but the sound just terrible.

    The settings i have for Pinnacle Studio 8...

    Capture source: ASUS TV7134 Video Capture, Audio - Realtek AC97 Audio - Microphone.

    Data rate test: Read 33007 kbyte sec, Write 30916 kbyte sec

    For Capture format i've tried a few , currently have MPEG, tried high/medium and low quality.

    For Windows Movie Maker i've tried both the Asus TV7134 WDM Video Capture and the Pinnacle DVD 80 video.

    Audio device is Realtek AC97 audio, Video Input source - Composite. Again sound is terrible

    Totally frustrated what to do, the original set up i thought was ok but after just a few minutes the synching is totally off. Just want to convert my videos to MPEG but so far its been so frustrating

    I'm going to try some other software packages, would even try another type of connection etc. I hope the video/sound card i have is ok and i dont need to upgrade, only bought this new system end of August so its pretty fast and i think up to date.


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    Well what can i say. FIrstly thanks a ton for listening to my rookie type of comments !

    I've recorded about 5 mins now and the qualitys excellent, the dubbing seems perfect.

    In the end i didnt even try using that Dazzle software, all i've done is put the audio into the 2 in 1 connector, however i put it in the Aux/Line 2 connection not the microphone and the audios very good. And the video lead into the Composite and it all seems fine in Microsoft Movie Maker and the other program I use

    Happy as anything now !

    Sorry of some of my comments were stupid or too basic, i must admit i get super stressed when i cant get computers to do what i want but in the end it seemed to be something simple

    Thanks to all for replying and helping

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