How I sorted the problem of XP not recognising my firewire card also known as an I-link or 1394 card - or my camcorder

I first checked on another PC running Win XP that my firewire card, 6 to 4 lead, camera and camera software were working ok.

I then re-installed windows from scratch (I formatted the disk to do so) but before I did, I made sure that my graphics and firewire cards were in their respective slots. Windows installed without a hitch and on checking in device manager I confirmed that the firewire card was listed under "network adapters" (I couldn't get it to do so when I installed it separately) and it was also listed as an OHCI compliant 1394 Host controller. The next thing I installed was the software that came with the camcorder - I had to buy a new disc as the original was damaged. This installed Pixella image maker for Sony as well as the USB driver and when it had installed I plugged the camera on to the firewire card and heard the bong which told me something had happened and then saw that the camera was being recognised. Pixella also worked in camera capture mode. I also tried windows movie maker which worked fine.

Having checked that all seemed in order I went ahead and installed the motherboard drivers which included the LAN network adapter. At each stage I checked that it was still working in capture mode and did a restore point. I know this was long winded but having got this far I didn't want anything to mess it up.

Finally I re-installed premier pro and adobe encore and now have a working system. Yippee..

I've also used another digital camcorder and this was picked up fine even though I didn't have any software for it. I've also used an analogue camera attached to a Canopus ADVC 110 and this worked too.