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Thread: help remembering keyboard shortcuts

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    Default help remembering keyboard shortcuts

    I bought Avid Liquid about 5 months ago and im finding it really hard to remember any of the keyboard shortcuts! Its really slowing down my editing speed and it looks a bit unprofessional wen i take ages to either click through the process or when i mess up the keyboard shortcuts. Does anyone know any tips or tricks on how to remember the shortcuts easier/quicker?

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    Seen this spam before. At least be honest when promoting your company.
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    Indeed - we shall see.

    My banning finger awaits...

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    It seemed a bit strange because in his 1 previous post he answered the question he is now asking. Hmmm...
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    Before he ships in with a spam....

    I use a keyboard from It wasn't cheap but is well built and takes all the punishment from someone who punches the key like a frustrated monkey. Don't buy cheap and definitely don't buy stickers which you apply to your original keyboard, after a week they start peeling, fading and smudging.

    Hope that helps you out "Media_Maker".

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    I got mine from logic. Was pricey but completely worth it.
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