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Thread: HELP - Picture Motion Browser - Handycam

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    Unhappy HELP - Picture Motion Browser - Handycam

    Hello, please help me.

    I have a handcam dcr dvd-406, I have the software to import anything off the cam, I use Picture Motion Browser (think its an epson thing, prob wrong)

    This has worked in the past, I use a usb cable and connect it up, use the connect to a PC thingy on the cam and use PMB to import the goods, but now it says 'cannot find a source drive for importing'.

    Please help, like I said this has worked in the past, worked only a couple of day before the problem started. (I will also say that I have a portable dvd writer that has also stopped working, I think they may be linked)

    Any help would be AWSOME!!

    Thanks for reading.

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    Go into the Device manager of your computer and see if there are any warning symbols there.
    Both PMB and your DVD reader will be detected by Windows as external optical drives in exactly the same way. That tends to suggest a Windoze problem possibly corrution in the drivers.
    Either way choose to un-install the drivers then reboot and Windows will auto re-install. That should fix it but you may have to re-install PMB..or MPB or whatever that thing is that Sony gave you!

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    Hi, thanks for the reply.

    I have tried that, but it still wont work.

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    Hmm...sounds like a Windows problem.
    You can always just finalise the DVD in the cam then place the DVD in the DVD reader of your computer and import from there yes?

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