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Thread: Im new, wanna get into editing. Comment on my new video. :)

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    Default Im new, wanna get into editing. Comment on my new video. :)

    Hey guys heres the link.

    Any constructive cristcism is accepted. Im not good, but i wanna get better.

    Please go to the youtube video and comment/rate there.
    Thank you

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    ok, im going to be a little harsh on this for a few reasons.. one.. all you did was take footage from tv.. there was nothing original that you did there. it was all someone elses work.. but then we get to the transitions and effects.. you used way to many and they served no purpose. Everything you do as an editor should be for a reason. Just because you have a box of 200 crayons dose not mean you have to use every color.. Same with editing, just because you have X amount of effects and transitions dose not mean you use them all..

    With that said, I can see you put the effort in and the mistakes are the same that probably everyone here has made when started out. My advice would be to watch TV. Look at espn, cnn, 20/20 look at how they edit and film. You're still learning, you'll get better in time, just listen to what people here have to say. I think you'll like it here, and feel free to add to any post.. and have fun..

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Not harsh at all. Thank you for the ideas, and I will definately take them into consideration.

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    Ditto to what Chapman said - first thing you'll learn with editing is you have to fight that instinct to always 'do' something. With editing less is more; you shouldn't notice good editing (well this is an over-simplification but...).

    You should basically forget all these effects and start trying to learn the functionality of your software (which software are you using?) - various methods of trimming/overlaying footage etc. And learn the more common effects (dissolves/fade to colour/ maybe picture in picture or superimpose) inside out so you really know what each of the parameters is doing. And yes, watch telly and really focus on what effects they use (you will not see many of these 'funky' ones!) and how they cut things. The vast majority of cuts are just straight cuts rather than dissolves/fades/dips/wipes etc and dissolves will/should always be used for a reason rather than cos the editor is bored and decides to throw one in.

    I liked your titles by the way. Is that a plug-in as well or did you mask through to a lower layer?

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    As for the titles I masked it. And I'm currently using Sony Vegas Pro 8.0. I'm still getting used to it, but thanks for the advice guys.

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    Just for ideas, i dont think i will be able to take my own footage due to lack of materials and time. But i was wondering if anyone had an idea of something i could try to "edit" for a new video. Just suggestions or anything.
    Thanks guys

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