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Thread: Is the glidecam 2000 pro worth the 300+

  1. Default Is the glidecam 2000 pro worth the 300+

    I'm looking into getting one, the cheapest i've found is over 300, which seems quite steep.

    I shoot BMX, and would like to get some good shots following... i saw this video on youtube, and its exactly what i want to do (run over and under obstacles, up stairs and keep a steady motion.)

    Or would you recommend any others which are cheaper?

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    hmmm 311.19 at Creative Video Glidecam 2000 Pro camera stabilisation system for cameras 2-3Kg

    in that video looking at the shadows it looks like they're using a heavy camera on a tall pole... it works very well.

    the glide cam doesn't look very good for fast moving shots like those in that youtube video. it'd be ok for pans, tilts, walking shots of feet etc. but not for running about with.

    you can get consumer cameras with fairly goods image stabilization and with some work you could build a small rig to carry about.

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