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Thread: Type of File for slides in Movie?

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    Default Type of File for slides in Movie?

    So to be short, if i were going to create a like a movie to put on youtube it would consist of many slides of a pic. And usually pictures that i had are in JPEG/jpg files. Would i use alot of slides of pic files .jpeg if were to create like an animation video in Adobe cs3 premiere?

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    you can use .jpeg files if that's what you mean.

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    There is no problem of using .jpeg. Currently i'm doing a stop motion animation with pictures done with my camera. They are all .jpeg and it's ok. The one thing you should know is to make them all the same resolution. It's not very inportant because you can resize them in Premiere, but if you work on a normal 720x576 or even HD and the pics have bigger resolution, it will lag. The rendering will be slower. In my case the resolution is 3888x2592 and rendering is very anoying. The easyest way to make them all the same size is to automate an action in photoshop and pass all the files through it. No problem if you use .psd as well.

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    If you are working with Premiere Pro or Premiere Elements I would recommend Photoshop PSD format images if you have a choice. Everything you wanted to know about Premiere Elements and more

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