I am about to buy my very first camcorder and I'd like an advice since I'm far from an expert as far as camcorders are concerned.

I'm between two new and relatively low burget sanyo camocorders and I'd like your opinion about some of their specs.

My main concern is to have as better footage as possible in as more light conditions as possible. I'm going to use the camcorder when on vacation and for various family moments.

The most expensive one has a 1/6" CMOS, 1.1 MP sensor, an aperture of F/1.8-4.3 and a focal length of 2.5-75mm (30x optical zoom). The cheaper one has a 1/2.33", 10MP CMOS sensor, an aperture of F3.5-3.7 and a focal length of 6.8-34mm (5x optical zoom).

The cheaper one also has a low light sensitivity of 16 lux in auto mode and 4 lux in high sensitivity/lamp mode whereas the most expensive one has 11 lux / 3 lux respectively.

Can anyopne inform me what these numbers actually mean in terms of footage quality? (given the fact that the two devices come from the same manufacturer and are released at the same time).

I'm looking for your answer hoping that afterwards I'll be able to select the right camcorder for my needs.