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Thread: Noise Reduction makes sound flat

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    Default Noise Reduction makes sound flat

    Hello .... please can anyone suggest what to do after adding noise reduction to try and bring some sparkle back to my sound? I have used noise reduction on Audition to try and remove hum from a projector and air conditioning that have blighted my sound from a recent event (unfortunately neither of these could be turned off before filming). The noise reduction has done a pretty decent job of removing the unwanted hum but has left the sound very flat and a bit robotic. I'm wondering if there is some EQ-ing I could add to bring the sound back to life?

    Also ... is there anything I could have done to avoid picking up so much of this unwanted sound when filming?? Other than turn the bleeding things off? I was using a Senheisser MKE 300 mic with a Panasonic NV GS 500 camera.

    I would really appreciate your advice.

    best wishes


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    Hi Robin. It sounds like the noise reduction hasa worked by cutting out a significant chunk of the audio spectrum. As a result you've lost the noise, which was concentrated in one particular frequency, but also lost the other sounds in that area. There's not lot you can do except EQ the missing freqencies back a bit. It will make it sound less robotic but won't bring it back to "normal".

    For the future: Yeah, turning the bleeding thing off is always the best bet. If that's not an option, using different microphones placed well will help a lot. A shotgun, or directional microphone is very good at eliminating sounds eminating from a single source, like an air conditioner. Failing that, if it's an interview, a lavalier (or tie clip) microphone tends to concentrate on sounds near the microphone and doesn't pick up distant sounds.

    I'm not a fan of the Rode Videomic or Sennheiser mkh 300 at all, so I would suggest putting it on ebay and using the money to buy something else

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    Spot on from the Guru. One question: did you have your mike on "auto" input settings? I have found that adjusting the mike input levels manually has helped somewhat in settings where there are high levels of background noise. Of course lavs and placement are also an essential element.

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    Hi .... ebaying my microphone sounds like a good idea! I have been considering buying a lapel mic but will need to do some research first to find a good buy that won't break the bank (just started a family ... great for inspiration but rubbish for bank account). I did increase the level on the mic using the settings on my camera. Foolishly I opted for a camera with no headphone socket so I can't monitor the sound coming in :( Will try some EQing tomorrow.

    thanks again


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    First unselect the "Track Noise Gate" so its not active

    Next, go to "Track FX" and open up the presets

    Choose either "[Sys] Remove low rumble below 80 Hz"
    "[Sys] Remove very low and inaudible frequencies below 20 Hz"

    Re-select "Track Noise Gate" to make it active
    (Noise Gate is going to take out any sound at that level, not just noise)

    Lower the treshold level

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    A little and I mean a LITTLE reverb will brighten a sound track beautifully as well as a little eq as long as it doesn't reintroduce the noise you've removed. Sorry I can't type reams about it but it works.

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    I use a program called MAGIX Audio Cleaning Lab. While it does a great job I often leave some noise in as it makes the artifacts introduced by the process less noticeable.

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