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Thread: HD Camcorder for Travels.

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    Default HD Camcorder for Travels.

    I'm going on a round the world trip for 9 months and I need something decent to document my travel. I am considering purchasing this..

    Panasonic HDC-HS9EB-S Full HD Camcorder with 60GB Hard: Electronics & Photo

    My budget is around 500. I selected this for the reason it's full HD and that it has a 60gb hard drive. I'll be travelling with a small laptop and a 1 terabyte portable External Hard Drive. The hard drive is for transerring the raw footage over just to keep the 60b internal camera one empty. All the editting will be done upon my return on a much more powerful PC.

    I was just wondering if this is realy the best way for me to go about this? I mean I won't be able to simply upload footage across, I am gone for a long time.

    Is this really a good camera or can I find something better? Also should I take a camera stand with me?

    Any help/recommends would be greatly appreciated because I know virtually nothing about Camcorders.

    Regards, Fabien.

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    I've just got back from 6 months of travels and wanted something similar to yourself.

    In the end I went for the Sony HDR-SR10E as I tried to hold a few in a shop before I went and the Sony fitted my hand the best. You can get the SR10E for under 500 now, I paid a little more about 8 months ago.

    Where are you going for the 9 months?

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    Hmm, a lot of places. Easier to link you to an image...

    Green lines are flights. Anyway there's a list of places at the bottom too.

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    Really interesting,
    This small camera will do the job.

    But it would be nice for you to have something a bit more semi-pro like a Sony EX-1 or a cam similar to this one.

    You small cam will to the job for the video, even if the automatic mode of these small cam could be a problem sometimes ( like sound, exposure , etc ) but my main point is the sound. Like are you sure that the build-in mic will be enough good ?

    Maybe, i never use this camera, but you project looks so Epic, it would be bad to return home whit a look a like amateur footage.
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    I'm a bit of a wuss about taking my DSLR with me on my latest travels.

    Last time I took a Canon 350D and it was fine,
    but now I have a 5DMarkII, and its a bit too precious to get scratched, or covered in sand.

    If you're looking for an HD camera that is super-lightweight, good quality, and tiny,
    then you may want to look at my 2nd hand Sony TG3.
    Currently at only 300.

    I've had it 7 months, and not really used it
    (I tend to use the HD on my 5D)

    if you're interested in a bargain, mint Sony.
    Take a look
    Sony HDR-TG3E High Definition Camcorder + 8GB card on eBay, also, Camcorders, Photography (end time 04-Apr-09 20:04:31 BST)

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    ^^^ that is a toy - not a proper camera.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark W View Post
    ^^^ that is a toy - not a proper camera.
    to some extent that's true.

    But we're talking about a camera for travel.
    You don't need XLR inputs, external microphones, and such for that.

    Having dragged an SLR, 2 lenses, and a laptop around last year in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos, this time I'm travelling light.

    I want to capture great images and video, but the extra weight and worry of having a big camera on you at all times (most guesthouses in Asia don't have a safe, or an attendent to watch your stuff) doesn't make sense.

    Small and light are the key words.
    As I'm more photo focused, I'm going to stick with the Canon G10, but if I was still into video, I'd keep my Sony TG3E for sure!

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    Oh yea fo sure - I wouldnt take my pro behemoth on holiday - but I also wouldnt take a toy camera - one chance memories and all that.

    I would sacrifice some socks in my case for a comapct ' proper ' camera.

    My small DV cam goes nearly everywhere with me.

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