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Thread: silly girl trying to work JVC GY-HD100U

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    Default silly girl trying to work JVC GY-HD100U

    hello! please be patient with how much knowledge of all this that i am lacking. we all have to start somewhere, right?...

    here goes...

    just purchased a jvc gy-hd100u... attempted a test-shot in 720p24, looked great on camera and was successfully recorded to a mini dv tape BUT when i hooked the camera up to my computer via firewire cable the computer only acknowledges the connection when the camera is switched to dv and not hdv. i attempted to upload the video in dv anyway and all video shot in less quality than 720p24 was transferred to my computer with no problem but the 720p24 video was seemingly non-existant... so i did some searching on the internet and learned i needed hd editting software in order for my computer to even recognize hdv video... i downloaded vegas movie studio platinum pro 9.0 and even LESS luck! the program doesn't recognize ANY of the video i've shot not to mention the 720p24 video. it just keeps saying "device not available" in the video window on the editting screen... my computer makes that chime noise still (showing that i've successfully connected my camera) and the wizard pops up with options for uploading video but only when my camera is switched to dv and the vegas program doesn't detect a connection period.

    what do i do?? i bought the camera because i heard it could shoot 720p24 but can't do anything with the footage... is there any way i can get my computer to recognize hdv?? help me pleeease!! thanks so much!


    ps: i know it's annoying but i really don't have much of a budget and i admittedly try to find all the cheap routes... please don't hate me :/

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    hmm at first glance I'd say its a codec issue. but not to sure.. some of the others who know that cam might be of better knowledge

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    wow, this website is quick to get responses, thanks so much for your fast reply...i'm excited that my problem might actually get resolved! ... i was thinking, might the problem be that i used a mini dv tape and not a mini hdv tape? i mean, it worked in the camera but i don't know, maybe it makes a difference to the computer or the vegas program... :/

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