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Thread: A showcase of basic editing techniques

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    Default A showcase of basic editing techniques

    As the title says, this is just a video I made to show to my ex-students on video editing basics. May be only useful to those who are new to editing. Veoh videos are usually choppy so view with discretion

    Video Editing Nuggets
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    dead link ?
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    Any chance of posting it again, with a working link, Poolfan? I don't mind if it's choppy, I've got my 25 yards swimming certificate.

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    The link was typed wrong - I fixed it - cos I am clever and nice

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    Just watched it, useful stuff thanks.
    Mark, I always suspected that under that .......................? exterior you're clever and nice.

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    becareful Snapper, it'll go to his head..lmao just kidding Mark

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    I'm sure they'll find that a very useful introduction. We all know these things occur, but its good to have them presented in a structured way as here, for students about to embark on film making.
    One criticism - the strobing example was too short for me to be able to take in the text and the images first time through.

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    Thanks Mark for fixing the link and the rest for the useful feedback as well.

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