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    Default Firewire card on laptop

    I have Dell Inspiron 1545 that I got before I got into editing and so didn't think about a firewire port.

    I there any way I can install a firewire port onto the machine, or any other way of capturing from a Canon MD205 mini-DV camera so I can edit in Adobe Premier pro?

    Dell aren't being too helpful.

    Or, is there a way I could use someone else's computer who does have a firewire port and then transfer the unedited, original files over to my laptop to edit (eg. could I use an external harddrive and use a comp with a firewire to capture and then plug the external drive into mine and import it into Adobe?) ?

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    I have never seen a f wire to usb tingy - however your latter soloution should work well.

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    I have a laptop and am in the market for an external DVD burner. It is a Dell Inspiron 1150, which only has 2 USB ports (USB 2.0).

    In the threads I have read, several people have mentioned that firewire works better than USB for DVD burners (despite an apparently slower transfer rate?). Would it be worthwhile getting a PCMCIA card with firewire on it?

    It is scarry to read the reviews and see how many people have problems with their DVD burners, so I want to do it right. Money is tight, so I don't need a Catilac, but I don't want to buy twice.

    My primary use will be backing up my computer files, but if I am getting a DVD burner, I hope to use it for backing up movies. It would be nice to be able to copy CD's in a single step with the CD-RW/DVD ROM drive in the laptop.

    Any advice on low cost external DVD burner models is also welcome.

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    First things first, firewire is faster that usb 2.0. you don't need to go any faster than usb 2 anyway...

    one of these will work LiteOn EZDUB USB DVD+/-RW 20x External Kit White - Retail : : LIT-EZUA12

    I've never had any problems with lite-On. i believe it's plug and play for windows xp and vista.

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