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Thread: New camcorder advice - Good spec but HD not needed

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    Default New camcorder advice - Good spec but HD not needed

    Hello all

    I'm after a new camcorder, which matches the image quality of my 3ccd panasonic DVD camcorder.

    I would like a flash memory based model with a mic input (narrows the field) but do not need a high definition model for now.

    My question is - it looks like a HD camcorder will meet my requirements, but can I shoot in "non HD" mode on these, and if so, what are the quality settings and video resolution sizes that I need to look for ?

    Or if I shoot in HD, does video editing software "downsize" the output ? I presume it will, but don't want to burden the PC with unnecessarily large files if i can shoot the quality I need int he first place.

    I like the long battery life and long recording times offered by flash based cameras, so it really must be one of these.

    I may go HD in the future, but have an old telly and DVD recorder so it isn't any use to me for the foreseeable future.

    Some canon models are tempting, but I can only see HD models fitting my spec.

    Any help much appreciated

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    I wouldnt be too concerned about insisting on SD res.

    The whole world has turned into a pixel counting mob with the result that nearly all new stuff is HD of some flavour - this alone is no garuntee of true HD performance. It takes a good camer to fully exploit the various HD formats abiltities.

    You can speed up editing by turning your video into sd to edit - on a budget camera the differecnces will not be vast.

    If you cant try befor you buy get a return garuntee if you are not happy.

    By widening your sewarch you may have suscess with a mic input - almost essenbtail for more than relatives fallng over at xmas

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    took the plunge and got a canon hf100 - not got it out of the box yet, but it seems to get a good write up everywhere and has a mic input.

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