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Thread: Generated Text Blurry after Rendering

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    Default Generated Text Blurry after Rendering


    I'm at the end of a long process of editing a video for my company and this is the first time I've really encountered this problem. I've added generated text to a project and it's more blurry than usual. In fact, it's almost unreadable.

    I've added effects to sharpen the text but I can only go so far before I begin to loose parts of the lettering, and it's still blurry when rendered.

    The footage itself is fine, it's just the text I add while inside the program that is having fits. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 7 and have attempted different formats (avi, wmv, mov, mp4) each with the same result.

    Any assistance that you might be able to give would be greatly appreciated.


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    OK. As I'm sure you can appreciate it's a bit tricky to diagnose from the information given.

    Any chance you can post a screen grab of your timeline where the text is, and maybe another of the gen med window open?

    And tell us exactly (tediously, step by step) how you are adding the text.

    Things to try...
    Open a new projects and just put some text in it and render - same problem? If not it's to do with your current project....

    Make a copy of your project (you should be doing this every few minutes anyway.

    Delete the text track entirely. Now add a new video track and try adding text again. Render again. What's the result lie now?

    Ensure that when you render you have set your quality to "Best"

    Just a hunch, but it might be that you've mucked about with track motion on the text track to make the text zmall and then used pan & crop to zoom in on it.

    Just idle thoughts.....

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