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Thread: Rough video resulution in MPEG1 format. Please help!

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    Default Rough video resulution in MPEG1 format. Please help!

    Hi all members. Good day. I use firewire to transfer my video from my Sony DCR-HC15E to my PC. As we all know, DV files are huge as the quality is as clear as like DVD. In order to save my hard disk space, i convert those DV video files into mpeg1 format. Then, all the mpeg1 files will be joint together and created into one VCD file by using Ulead Video Studio 8. This is one of the way i create VCD. Another way is to direct capture the video from digicam into one whole VCD file and burn in into VCD disc. Surprisingly, i found that picture quality is worst if i apply the first method. The second method is outstanding. May i know what method or way do you all experts use out there? Please advise.. Thanks!

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    I would use whatever produces the highest quality, given criteria such as hard drive space and the desire to edit. If you don't want to edit, don't want to take up drive space and this method also produces the highest quality - there's your answer.

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    Your probably getting worse quality in the first method due to the video being compressed twice by different packages. I'd drop the DV files into what ever editing program you use and make the VCD directly from that.

    Why would you want to compress them twice if your not going to edit them?

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    if i've got a lot of hard drive space, or if it's important i'll use DV as my intermediate format, if not then high bitrate xvid.

    if you use mpeg1, it'll be bad quality. simple as that. sure, your second method will be better than the first, but only due to less encoding. It'll still not be as good as it should, and could be.
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