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    Hey guys, I started out in Sony vegas like 2 years ago, but I remember when I started I was pretty much lost. So I've decied to start making some tutorials on how to use Sony Vegas and stuff.

    YouTube - digitalfxcube's Channel

    Comment if it helped

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    Thanks for posting. I've taken a look and I'm sure these vids are a useful addition for those just starting out with Vegas.

    In addition, that is, to the useful manual, very useful help file and EXTREMELY USEFUL interactive tutorials - found under help. In fact I'd go as far as to ban people from posting questions here unless they've been through the tuts

    Seriously, I accept that people respond differently to different methods of teaching. Your vids will, I'm sure, help many (though I have to say the 2nd half of part 2 saw you wandering aimlessly through a variety of effects, not really achieveing anything which may confuse a first timer - I'd re-edit it I were you)

    As to whether they're "Awesome", surely that's for others to decide.

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