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    Hi I'm new to video too.
    Want to get the panasonic 150 but can't afford the extra $4k for the mac pro and final cut.
    Can I effectively work in AVCHD on a PC?

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    Hi Mike, AVCHD is easier to edit on a PC there are any amount of programs to choose from, Corel, Vegas, Premiere, Pinnacle, Cyberlink, etc. and you won't have to convert the files to some other format like you would if you use a Mac.
    You will need a fast computer, 3GHz at least and for some programs they recommend dual or quad core. but definitely stick with a PC and don't be talked into doing any converting to any other format, apart from using proxy files for editing, they ease the work load on the computer but link back to the original AVCHD files to output the video so you are not losing any quality.

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