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    Default Promotional video opening

    Apparently a local voluntary organisation is looking for a videographer to shoot a promotional video.
    At the moment I don't have the expertise to do it but wondered if anyone on the forum might be interested. I can write any material and conduct interviews if required. I'm not too fussed about this as I have plenty of other work.
    There might be something else in it for me, I might want to kind of discreetly be around during shooting and hopefully pick up a few tips.
    I would prefer to offer this to established forum members who have helped me (and others) by contributing useful info. on the forum rather than to first-time posters.
    As a guideline, they have been quoted 3000.00.
    I'm not a member of the organisation and I won't get anything out of this apart from a few practical tips.

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    Where would this be? I'm assuming not Scotland?

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    No, it's around here, you just need a visa and a work permit (joke..with SNP flavour..)

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    Where exactly do you mean by here? lol London area? I just finished work on a promo video for a company, I found the job advertised on here. So what are the details for this job?


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    Ah I see it's in Skegness, I've been there a few times, My mate grew up there, he still lives near.

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    Default Happy to help

    Hi Snapper1, I would be very interested in hearing more about this opportunity. I work for a video production company called Affixxius Productions, based near Loughborough, East midlands. For the 3000 we would be able to send a full crew and kit to Skegness and then produce a professional edit including with motion graphics. We are a fully in house team and as such can offer competitive prices and also offer exclusive services such as bespoke music and graphic design for DVD wraps etc. We would be more than happy to have you along with us on the shoot and give you whatever tips we can. Let me know what you think. Many thanks.

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    Hi Dronex, will pm you with details later today. Keep in mind that all I can give you is a contact name and a 'phone number, I can't do any selling for you. Good luck though.

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    is this position still open?

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