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    I'm using an Canon HV20 with a homemade 35 mm adapter, and when ever i am filming near a bright light source, i get strange lens artifacts. It is NOT lens flare. These artifacts are exact reflections of the light source that appear opposite of the light source itself in the film, whereas lens flare is images of the lens elements. I do not get this unless i am using the 35mm adapter, so something in there is causing the problem. Is this just something that you deal with when using a 50mm lens, or did i do something wrong?

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    You are using a 'homemade 35 mm adapter', I'm sure that's where your problem lies. Can you post a screen grab in your next post, of the artifacts you are seeing if you can capture them. That way someone on here may be able to help you better.

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    i posted a sample video (2mb) here

    Note that the video is upside down due to the 35mm adapter, yet the ghost image of the light is right side up. Hopefully someone can explain this.
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    ok well i just figured out the problem. i got the 50mm lens im using from my dad. and i didnt realize that he had put a uv filter on the end. must be a really low quality one though because it was causing the reflections.

    now instead of the distinct ghost there, there is a light purple blob that mimics the light source. could this be a result of the 2 uv filters that contain my focusing screen? they are multi-coated

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